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banners display

This is the section where you can manage the banners. The top right toolbar buttons have the following functions:

  • Add new – Is allowing you to add more banners.

  • Edit – You can modify exiting banners using this.

  • Delete – You can delete one or more banners using this. You need to select the commission from the list before using the button.

  • Help – Will display a page with this instructions.

The parameters of a banner are explained below:

  • Name – Set the name for the banner. It will influence only how it is displayed in the banners list both in front and back-end sections of the site.

  • Type – You can have 3 tipes of banners:

        • wizAffiliates – is making an affiliate link to the front-end page of wizAffiliates

        • Menu item – you can select a menu item and display is as an affiliate link in the banner.

        • Custom URL – allows you to make an affiliate link from any URL of the site.

  • Open the link in a new page – Is setting the “target” attribute of the banner. Will open the linked page in a new window or in the same window, depending on how it is set.

  • Banner image – is displaying a list of images uploaded on the site in wizAffiliates's banners folder. You can upload more by clicking “Click here to add more images”.

  • Banner text – is allowing you to set a text for the banner. If no image is selected the banner is made using only this text. Otherwise the text is used as the “alt” attribute for the image.

banners parameters

Here is the front end view