wizAffiliates - one wizard, many affiliates

Our Best Features

The WizAffiliates solution is nicely integrated into Joomla and Joomla's free shopping cart  called Virtuemart.  We offer a professional version (with unlimited levels).

Note: WizAffiliates is not Joomla 3.0 compatable and no time frame is available when this might happen

There are different levels of support depending on your skill and support needed.  You can install the software yourself or have us complete the installation for you for a modest fee.  Here are some of the powerful features!


The wizAffiliates software is designed to provide powerful functionality right out of the box so every user can enjoys using it.  For those who desire the advanced features, we offer a robust list of enhancements.  Here are the major upgraded functionalities:
  1. Unlimited levels
  2. Integration into multiple shopping carts
  3. Search engine URL's
  4. Multiple currencies
  5. Additional reports
  6. Service Ticket support
  7. Upgrades included
  8. Installation support available
  9. Customization available (ask for quote)