affiliates display

This is the section where you can see all the affiliates registered on the site, their statuses and you can manage their information. Click on the column headers to sort the list based on the information on the column.The buttons on the top right toolbar have the following functions:

  • Check – is a function that checks if all the users in Joomla! are added into the list of affiliates. It is executed by default on installation and you only need it if you import more users or add users in some other way then by adding them one by one in the “Manage users” page.

  • Approve – is allowing you to set one or more affiliates as approved. You need to select them from the list before using the button.

  • Decommission – is allowing you to deactivate one or more affiliates. You need to select them from the list before using the button.

  • View – is displaying the details of an affiliate, allowing you to modify his details. You need to select him from the list. If more then one is selected the details of the first one will be displayed.

    After the information is displayed you can click the “Edit” button to modify it.affiliates view

  • Add new – is allowing you to add more affiliates. You need to have users defined in Joomla! That are not yet added as affiliates. This is an alternative of using the “Check” button and adding the affiliates one by one.

  • Edit – is allowing you to access the window to modify the affiliate's details directly. It is opening the same window as by clicking “View” and then “Edit” in the “View” window.

  • Delete – is allowing you to delete one or more affiliates. They will not be deleted from Joomla!, only from wizAffiliates. You can use the “Add new” button to define them as affiliates again later. You need to select them from the list before using the button.

  • Help – will open a page with this instructions.



Here is the window with the details of an affiliate:

affiliates edit

Here is what you have to enter in each field:

  • User – Is the user that controls the affiliate and can't be modified.

  • Affiliate status – Allows you to set the status of the affiliate. Only the active affiliates get commissions.

  • Commission category – Here you can select the category of the commission that the affiliate is assigned to. Based on it the commissions are calculated.

  • User Friendly Link (suffix) – This is a field used only with SEF activated. If will replace “wiz_id=affiliate_id” with the value you set here so you have a friendly URL. You will also be able to use an URL like “” for an affiliate link. The extension will open the hope page of the site ( if not otherwise set ) and will generate the cookie for the visitor to be assigned to the selected affiliate.

  • Allow referring affiliate to see I registered – Set this to “Yes” if you want to allow the referrals to see what users they referred have registered. If set to “No” the referrals will only be able to see the number of their affiliates.

  • First name – Set the first name of the affiliate.

  • Last name – Set the last name of the affiliate.

  • Street – Set the street of the address of the affiliate.

  • City – Set the city of the address of the affiliate.

  • State – Set the state of the address of the affiliate.

  • Country – Set the country of the address of the affiliate.

  • Zip code – Set the zip code of the address of the affiliate.

  • Phone – Set the phone of the affiliate.

  • Terms and conditions accepted – This field is telling you if the affiliate clicked the link to accept the terms and conditions of the site. You can manually set it as he did or you can ask him to accept them again ( if you set this to “No” ).

  • Referred by – Here you can set the referral of the affiliate. This value is influencing the commissions. You can modify it at any point and the affiliates that were referred by the affiliate you are modifying ( if he has any ) will be moved from the tree of the original referral ( if any ) to the new one.

  • Receive referrals – This is a parameter that allows you to set wizAffiliates to asign the users that were not referred by anybody to a specified affiliate. To be more clear, in case a user registered without clicking an affiliate link first, he will not have an referral. This parameter is allowing you to set that referral to a specified affiliate.

  • Ordering to receive referrals – The referrals that receive affiliates can be more then one. This parameter is allowing you to set the order in which the affiliates will be assigned and each one from the list will receive one in the order set by this parameter.

  • Next assigned – This parameter is allowing you to set which user will get the next unassigned affiliate. It is used only for the next affiliate assigned and will be automatically changed to the next user based on the parameter “Ordering to receive referrals”.

  • Select the preferred payment gateway – Here you have the list with the payment gateways and their required parameters. In order for an affiliate to receive commissions he has to select one of the payment gateways and set all it's parameters.