Commission sources

commission sources display

This is the section where you can manage the integration of wizAffiliates with other extensions.

The list is presenting the available extensions with which wizAffiliates can be used. This is list is dependent on the commission source plugins installed. You can see the full list delivered with wizAffiliates in the control panel of the extension, “Commission sources” tab. See the instructions for that page for more information about it.

The buttons from the top right toolbar have the following functions:

  • Publish – You can use it to activate one or more commission sources. The plugin can't be activated if the commission source is developed for an extension that is not installed on the site. A warning is displayed under each commission source installed without their relative extension to be present on the site.

  • Unpublish – Can be used to deactivate one or more commission sources. I recommend deactivating all the commission sources that are not used.

  • Edit – Is opening the page to set the parameters of a commission sources.

  • Help – will open a page with this instructions.

The parameters of a commission source are different for each one. Below you can see the parameters for “Virtuemart” commission source.

commission sources parameters

The fields have the following functions:

  • Name – Is used to mark the commission source in the commissions list.

  • Finalized order state – You have to select the status of the Virtuemart order which will be used to identify orders that generate commissions. This is dependent on the statuses defined in Virtuemart and you have to make sure it is set properly in case you update Virtuemart to a new version. You can find something similar in almost all commission sources.

  • Virtuemart tables prefix – Is a parameter of Virtuemart used to identify it's tables in the database. Older virtuemart version had this set to “vm”. Newer ones have this set to“virtuemart”. This is another parameter that have to be checked in case Virtuemart is updated to a different version.

  • Default commission status – All commission sources have this parameter and is allowing you to set the default status of the commission generated from this source. Leaving this set to “Default” will make the commission source use the value set in the control panel of wizAffiliates, “Default” tab.

  • Days to check orders – This is also a parameter that appears on all commission sources and it is setting how many days behind the current one should the cron go to check the orders in Virtuemart ( or other extensions for other commission sources ). You can leave this set to 0 and all the orders of Virtuemart will be checked, but in case you have a lot of orders is better to let it set to 0 only on a first run of the “Cron” function so all the orders will generate commissions. Never set it to 0 if you don't want all orders to generate commissions. The recommended setting for this is 1 or 2 of you have at least one visitor / day on the site or if you set the “Cron” to run each day. See the “Cron” instructions section for more information on this.

  • Orders to check – This is a parameter that appears on all commission sources and it is setting how many records back to check. If set to 10, for example, only the last 10 orders will be checked if they generated a commission. Set it to 0 to deactivate this limit. The recommended setting is 0 if you use “Days to check orders”. This is dependent on how “Cron” is set so please see it's instructions.

  • Levels – This is where you can set the commission for each level of affiliates. You can set it as a percentage from the value in the order or as a fix amount. To add more levels click “Add level” button. The button “Remove level” will remove the last level added. If you define more then one commission category you can set different level commissions for each category.