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About us


wizAffiliates was created to support a free marketing system called Small Steps to Big Results ( www.reallybigresults.com ) that required a completely new affiliate solution. Really Big Results is a tool to help automated anyone's sales and marketing lead generation.  It also puts accountability into learning.  and prevents procrastination.  With increases results, and a  Systemitized process  your lead generation expands.

If you are an author, speaker or coach, or a business looking to generate more leads for less money and less time involved, you should investigate Reallybigresults.com

We tried several of the free affiliate options but they all had short comings. They had no service,they promised basic features,and said they had  integration into Virtuemart without any hacks and  limited number of levels, etc.  It looked like they had everything we needed. But once we purchased their product, we discovered many shortcomings. 

After a year of frustration, we decided to build our own tool to meet our needs. We also found, many people wanted the same thing, so we developed wizAffiliates for everybody and now make it available for sale for $75.00. We also offer combined product and support and addtional annual support can be purchased.

Here are the creators.

alex dobrin

Alex Dobrin is the lead developer of www.algisinfo.com which developed the popular contact form generator aiContactSafe.




george ishee

George Ishee is the Sales and marketing guru behind www.reallybigresults.com.

George has over 29 years in direct sales, sales management and small business marketing.